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Over the past 18 years, Borgo de' Medici has grown and developed into a multi-national company, with products now available in fine specialty stores in more than 30 countries. All of the products come from farms e workshops located in zones of specialisation, are owned by or associated with Borgo de' Medici. And now, we bring to you Borgo de' Medici Usa Inc., a 100% family owned subsidiary created to import and distribute our line in USA fine stores.

The Geometry of Pasta ranges are inspired by the Italian preoccupation with finding the right pasta shape for the right sauce. Our perfectly put-together collection draws on the best of Italian regional cuisine – from authentic bronze-drawn pasta to celebrated wild game sauces – and is made from the finest ingredients in the heart of Italy. By bringing together some of Italy’s best artisan pasta producers and gourmet sauce makers for the first time, we hope to elevate pasta and sauce to something truly sublime.

Borgo de Medici
Geometry of Pasta

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Antico Mulino

Antico Mulino

Pasticceria fiorentina

Pasticceria Fiorentina

Piazza del mercato

Piazza del Mercato

Sagra del Tartufo

Sagra del Tartufo


For more information about our brands, please send an email to: info@borgodemedici.us