Our Products

Borgo de ’Medici creates the concept behind all the products you’ll find in our catalog, in terms of recipes, packaging, shapes and specific techniques. Always innovative, we try to reflect what nature gives, responding to the season and relying on sales experiences and client advice, while also responding to various dining styles.


All of our products come from agricultural companies and craft workshops located throughout the territory, that are owned by or associated with Borgo de ’Medici.

We Defend and Promote the Tuscan Gastronomic Heritage.

For these reasons, we are committed to creating authentic specialties:



Created without the use of preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.


Produced in Tuscany according to traditional production methods.


We use genuine, carefully selected ingredients that originate in a designated geographic area.


Many Borgo de 'Medici products can only be found in Tuscany.


Our specialties are completely handmade without the use of industrial processes. Even the packaging is carried out by hand. While these factors may reduce the quantity of our products, it gives them an undeniably high quality.